Thursday, May 29, 2014

Cavity Prevention: Toothbrush, Floss & Red WIne?

Cavity buster!
I just read an article that made me happy! I know that there are health benefits to drinking red wine that include fighting heart disease - but did you know that researchers have found that red wine helps fight off bacteria that can cause cavities?


Apparently, from the article provided by the American Chemistry Society, researchers grew cultures of bacteria most responsible for common dental diseases as a biofilm. They tested under realistic conditions by dipping the biofilms in different liquids for several minutes. They tested red wine, with and without the alcohol, red wine including grape seed extract and water.

The comparison produced amazing results!
Red wine either with or without the alcohol as well as the wine with grape seed extract were the most effective at getting rid of the bacteria. Good news for the 60-90% of people globally who encounter dental issues.

Tonight i plan to brush my teeth, floss and enjoy a nice merlot….not necessarily in that order ;-)!

For my established patients and perhaps new patients, i can't stress enough the importance of a regular dental checkup which includes a thorough teeth cleaning. Please refer to my dental hygiene page on my website for more information and schedule an appointment with Heather!

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