Monday, December 16, 2013

Choosing the best dentist in Philadelphia

I know that there are many dentists in Philadelphia!

I wanted to write about this because i get many new patients who have come to see me after having bad experiences with inexperienced dentists or dentists who are only interested in selling you expensive cosmetic dental procedures that they may…or may not be qualified to do.

When making this decision, don't fall victim to flashy advertising. Always make sure that the dentist is extremely experienced, qualified and certified in advanced oral procedures and if you are interested in seeing a cosmetic dentist, search for that dentist as a certified dentist or dentist office.

I have had new patients coming in to see me and remark at how clean and modern my office is. Dentistry is a medical profession and as such should require  dentists to keep their examination and procedure rooms absolutely clean - their dental tools sterile - and their equipment the most advanced.

My office strives for excellence. You will receive the best dental care i can provide as I am always keeping up on the most advanced techniques and tools for my patients.

For those current patients that did not know ….or new ones! I am certified in:

1. Invisalign Certified Dentist
2. Lumineers Dental Verneers Certified Dentist
3. Zoom! Professional Teeth Whitening Dental Office
4. 3-d Imaging and Digital X-Rays
5. On site dental lab for 1 day Dental procedures
6. Pain Free dentistry
7. 1 day crowns and dental implants

I want to be your dentist! Please come into my office for a free dental consultation and take a look around.

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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

reducing sugar - can everyone agree that it causes tooth decay?

I just read an interesting article that suggested a global initiative to reduce sugar in processed foods.

Is this possible? 

Now that children are used to such incredibly sweet foods including sugary and brightly colored yogurts, cookies, cereals and "healthy snacks", how will their taste buds react to a reduced sugary version?

The full article examines a study done by The Newcastle University which was commissioned by the WHO and published today in the Journal of Dental Research.

When traveling to Europe and eating packaged food, you can really taste the difference....America provides food that is over the top sweet. We "amp up" the levels in taste, while adding massive amounts of sugar. This is absolutely terrible for your teeth and produces tooth decay, not to mention affecting the longevity of your teeth.

As always, if you must drink sodas and eat such sugary food, please brush your teeth and use a mouthwash. If you are unable to use a toothbrush, rinse your mouth with a drink of water. And don't forget to come twice a year for a regular dental examination!